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Q: Why buy from us?
We are a small family business designing and manufacturing arcade cabinets ofr over 15 years.
we were one of the first in the UK to design cabinets purely for the home.

We take pride in what we produce and especially our high level of after sales service
Each cabinet is designed using CAD software and cut using state of the art CNC machine for a precision finish every time and them hand built and finished to the highest standard. Just one look at these finished arcade machines and you can clearly see the love and passion that goes into these.
Nothing excites us more than when we are designing a custom arcade cabinet for a customer.

british manufacturing
5 years tech support and after sales service
1 years parts warranty

Since we started back in 2002 many traders have sprung up with low quality arcades, usually imported.
We often get calls for help to repair these machines and hear the complaints how they have been left with problems.
Traders offer very little or no technical support afterwards, if a cabinet is cheap then there is normally a reason why,

Examples of what we sometimes see is plastic tops(acrylic aka plexiglass) used instead of glass that scratches, laminated chipboard, printed screen surrounds which obscures the game view, some even use narrow 22" wide screen monitors where make vertical games look narrow and stretched. The worse issue we've found is cheap Chinese power supplies fitted which are just simply dangerous. Just some things to watch out for
you generally get what you pay for at the end of the day.

Q: How long does delivery take?
We build to order unless specified,we do not hold stock, every machine is hand built to a very high standard with care and attention to detail
lead times can vary please check with us before ordering.

Q: Do you sell roms or jamma boards
No you can obtain these easily yourself

Q: Jamma or hard drive based?
Using a jamma board is great if you want a simple budget setup, however some of the quality of the games are poor and what games you get are on the board limited. 99% of traders/importers on ebay are selling these setups. Generally on a jamma system you are limited to 1 player at a time and the game will flip for player 2.

If you are a real arcade fan and remember playing these games and what the authentic experience
we would recommend a hard drive based system like our ultimate 950 model is the best option
you can add as many games as you like for free which include those obsecure ones. you can split the screen for 2 players at the same time this is handy for games that were designed for uprights

Q: Screen aspect
The original arcade screens were all square aspect,all the games were designed for this shape screen.
Back in the 1980's most coffee table arcades used 13" screens and 19" for cocktail tables.  
 We use 19" square aspect screens in all our tables, this means games will fill the screen and look proportionally correct.

Q: PC Spec
For hard drive based arcades we use high quality refurbished PC's with Soild State Drive for maximum speed(10 x faster than regular drives).
  These are rigorously tested for 48 hours and meet all the power required to run retro games.
The PC is covered with a 1 years warranty and the 5 years tech support.
If you wish to have a brand new spec PC fitted inside please contact us with requirements for a quote.
The arcade  system runs on a tried and tested customised OS which is hidden, this means it will boot straight into the game menu in seconds and operate exactly like an authentic arcade machine.
Being arcade fans ourselves we want the experience to be exactly like you remember to bring back that nostagic feeling.

Q: Do you ship world wide?

YES, we ship worldwide
Please email us your address for a quote
If your mains electrical supply is 110v please let us know in advance
so we can convert the cabinet for you before shipping

Q: Do you sell to retailers
No sorry we don't sell to retailers or amusement parks
  private users only

Q: Do your cabinets play more than just games?
Our cabinets are designed to do one job exceptionally well and that's play retro arcade games exactly as the original machines did.
The authentic arcade experience you get from our cabinets will transport you back to your youth.
We don't dilute our cabinets with modern features that can be done better on other dedicated devices like ipad's, DVD players, mobile phones, Xbox's and PC's

Q: How do I Order?
You can order an arcade machine securely on this website via the add to basket buttons
or you can email or call us on 02920 888081 to place the order over the phone.
We offer friendly one on one advice on purchasing the correct arcade for you.
All our cabinets are made to order here in the UK
we do not import arcades from China like others

arcade machien footprint size

Q: What is the difference between a coffee table and cocktail arcade?
A coffee table is designed to be played low down either from a sofa in the lounge or sat on floor cushions.
A cocktail table is much taller, this is better for games rooms where you can sit on stools.

Q: Do you sell game roms
Strictly NO these are free to download on the internet yourself

Q: Is online ordering secure?
Yes 100% we use Romancart with Sagepay, all the online orders are through a secure server
we also accept cards over the phone and are fully PCI compliant (security checked)
As an extra piece of mind all your online transactions are covered by your debit or credit card.

Q: Can I pay over the phone
Yes we accept most major debit cards you an also pay online or over the phone.
Please note if using a credit cards there is a 3.5% surcharge.

Q: Are your arcades CE approved?
Yes all our parts and power supplies are CE approved and meet EMI emissions guidelines
This ensures our power supplies are safe to use in the home.
 You would be horrified at the amount of traders out there using cheap unsafe, untested power supplies
in arcade cabinets.
We specialise in capturing that magic feeling you got back in the day
from playing those great classic games in an arcade.
We strive to make sure our cabinets with their lights and playability
re-produce that same atmosphere and feeling

JAMMA system
Hard drive based systems

Limited amount of games on the game board, normally all that people will ever want add as many retro games as you wish, there are thousands available for free
you can not change games on the game board play games that are not available on jamma game boards
limited amount of settings (how many lives) some games my have minor bugs change more settings, saves some hi scores
simple to setup no technical knowledge required
just plug it in like a game cartridge
 requires you copy a files to a folder like on a PC  (very simple to do)
on vertical tables with end to end controls
when 1 player loses a life it flips over for player 2
you can split the screen so both plays can play at the same time, handy for upright games and great fun.
or you can have it flip over for player 2.
good if you are on a budget
(jamma setups are nearly always what you see on ebay do watch out for ebay traders selling cheap machines, they use poor quality fans, joysticks and power supplies that spoil the gameplay experience and fail)
more expensive but far better, more features and options


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